About Josh

A little about me:

My name is Josh Rogers and I currently host a few projects online. I am a full-stack PHP/MySQL developer that specializes in SEO and user experience. As a web developer, with experience in both user interface and back-end development, I strive to be an expert in each tier of the web application stack. Databases, APIs, layout, responsive design, usability, performance - you name it.

Databases are complex. I believe in database development that properly handles encoding in every step of the application. I am a database architect that builds applications on normalized tables with enforced foreign key relationships, ensuring that orphaned data never becomes a lingering problem. Being a reliable database administrator, I understand each of the complex moving parts within replication and know all of the diagnostic tricks to solve problems quickly.

I am a developer that supports the MVC software design pattern in all web applications. I have worked with and developed a variety of templating systems that enforce the separation of layouts, controllers, and libraries.

Because SEO and user experience have been a hot topic for me in recent years, I have inevitably developed (and mastered) an understanding of mobile-first design. In addition, I implement important strategies that rank the website highly with popular search engines. Page speed, layout, CSS design, and caching are important to consider, especially when developing a mobile-friendly application. The rules and strategies behind SEO and UX are an evolving, moving target - and I do my best to stay on top of the latest and greatest rules.